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Dieting To A Better Appearance

Dieting to a Better Appearance

Many people find it difficult to look in the mirror and accept the reality that the person they see is obese or overweight. It hurts even more when those around make fun of the individual.

This may occur because an individual eats too much and doesn't burn the calories in the food that has been consumed or it may be caused by genetics. Regardless of the reason, there is still hope.

A person may have to work hard to achieve an ideal weight and desired appearance which may be accomplished by living a healthier lifestyle. A good solution will be to make some dietary changes.

A dietitian can design a program for a person to follow. Making some dietary changes does not mean giving up many of their favorite foods; it simply means eating smaller quantities and including food from all of the food groups.

The body needs energy to get through the day. When a person engages in an activity, the first source of energy tapped is always carbohydrates. These include oats, rice, pasta, bread, cereals and potatoes: yet fruits and vegetables still provide the greatest amount of carbohydrates because they are natural foods that contain enzymes, phyto-chemicals and other nutrients that artificial foods cannot provide.

Reducing the amount of fat in the diet is essential. These fats usually come from mono and poly-saturated sources as well as animal fat. Fat should be eaten in small quantities because too much or too little can cause problems with the dietary program.

A good example is milk. Those who drink should switch from whole milk to low fat. Soy milk is also ideal for those who require calcium to strengthen their bones. The intake of liquids is very important for those dieting. There are many calories in sodas (pop) and juices; even diet sodas are not good because they only make an individual want to eat more. The best thing to drink during each meal is still water.

By eating smart, a person will feel good and be able to see the difference in their appearance. People who once laughed will be envious. Even after the desired weight and appearance has been achieved, it is important that it is maintained.

If not, those extra pounds will come back and a person will have to start over again.


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