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What An Electric Powered Radio Controlled Car Can Do

In the world of radio controlled cars, having a good model means being able to accelerate at the fastest time as well as relatively low maintenance engines. For a beginner, an electric powered radio controlled car is recommended. It gives the controller a "feel" of the game first without too much fuss.

For this kind of R/C to run, the battery must be charged. Take note that charging may take some time as it is the only source of power for your car. Remember also to let your engine cool down after a run to avoid damaging the permanent magnets.

Electric Power: What can it do to your R/C?

1. An electric powered R/C is very easy to clean. The dirt on your model will usually be track dust only. It does not have grease stains or oil patches that you need to rub off. Wipe your car with a clean piece of cloth before and after a race and you're ready to go.

2. Electric powered radio controlled cars are lightweight. Because their engines do not carry the excess weight of gas or fuel tanks, they can accelerate faster. This is an important feature if you are going to enter your car in a short distance race.

3. The torque of your car is more balanced if it is electric powered. This even rotating force gives you more control. For as long as you have mastered to manipulate your transmitter, you can swerve and even drift in a smoother manner compared to other energy powered R/C's.

4. Better throttle response can be expected from this type of R/C. This effect is the combination of a lighter car and smoother engine. Thus, acceleration is faster and the power is stronger to push your car.

5. Regular maintenance is minimal. It usually consists of regular dust cleaning, checking the parts for any damage, and replacing any part that has been worn down. Electric power lets the owner do away with oil changes, electrical tuning, and fuel checking.

6. These types of radio controlled cars are quiet and do not give off gasoline fumes. Because it does not roar like a real car, it is suitable for indoor racing. It is also relatively smell-free unlike gas powered R/C's which are reserved for outdoor races only.

The basic features of an electric powered R/C are cleanliness and simplicity. It provides the thrill of the speed without having too much maintenance baggage attached.


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