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When Your Online Dating Ad Gets No Response?

For most people who want to be happy with their love life, dating is probably the most important activity to engage in before proceeding to the more serious part like marriage.

Successful dating can make you the happiest person, while a failed relationship can be devastating.

No wonder everybody is trying hard to come up with something unique and entertaining when it comes to personal ads. These ads are not the typical ads that people see on televisions or on print medium. Personal ads are more like profiles; the main purpose is also to advertise one's self.

So what happens if your personal profile, in which you put so much hope, gets no replies after weeks and even months? Wait before you pull down your ad and become afflicted with low self-esteem. All is not lost. You must analyze what went wrong.

Don't get depressed and blame yourself for this apparent failure. Don't blame the failure on the online dating service that you joined. Instead, examine each part of your profile, and see how it can be improved to get your desired result.

If you want to change your apparent failure around and have a knock-out profile, here is a list of tips that could help:

1. Learn how to describe yourself truthfully and exactly. Think carefully about the things you like to do and dexcribe them accurately. Tell about the kind of person you are. Be specific. If you don't like loud music, say so. If you love animals and have a pet, tell about it. Make sure the other person can easily visualise the kind of person you are.

Would you buy a car without knowing the make model and colour? It's the same with people. No-one wants to proced with a date unless they know exactly the kind of person they are dating.

2. Make your profile interesting and humorous, not like a report.

Write some short stories about your life and experiences. but don't be mushy and sound as if you want sympathy. That will be sure to put people off. Don't boast about your accomplishments either. Honesty is the best policy in profiles.

3. People should never dwell on negative aspects like problems or failed relationships.

Posting personal ads is not about obtaining counselling help, so don't go into the details of failed relationships. Stay positive

The key point in writing personal ads is to come up with something that will appear very interesting and attention grabbing.

So, if you haven't had any response to your ad yet, take note of these hints and try again.


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