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Tricky Connections Of Magic And Stage Presence

When a performer learns his skills, he knows that part of those skills is his ability to control his audience's interest. This can be done through perfect incorporations of confidence, focus, projections, facial expressions, attention, etc.

Along with any performer, magicians know how important it is to have stage presence. In fact, it is the single most elusive factor that they need whenever they perform on stage or in any shows.

However, as simple as it may sound, acquiring or learning the art of stage presence is no easy job. Acquiring stage presence involves a continuous learning process, where every magician should gain knowledge on combining all the needed skills in order to hook the audience's attention.

So for those who want to learn how to obtain stage presence, here are three easy steps that will definitely catch the audience's interest and keep them glued to their seats:

1. A good performer knows the role

When it comes to performance, those who knows how to portray their roles best are those that are greatly applauded.

Why? Because they perform as if it is their true personality. In this way, the audience will be able to feel the reality that exudes from every move and every word that the performer delivers.

For magicians, owning the role is defined on how he defines his character. A good magician should know where he gets his


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