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Organizing Your Kid's Room; It Is Not As Difficult As You Thin

Has this happened to you? You casually pass by your kid's room and decided to peek in. Surprises of surprises, you discover that a seeming tornado of chaos has passed by it. You as a parent cannot help but sigh as well as dutifully explain to your kids to keep their room organized and clean.

Teach by example. Show your kids how to pick up any clutter or object lying around on the floor of their room. Though it is good for you to clean their room for them, the best thing to do, really, is for them to learn to do it on their own.

Of course your kids can still play. The point is that any mess they create must be cleaned up after. Adults make a lot of mess too; during work, after cooking, doing taxes, paying bills, etc. What must be done is that everyone should clean as they go.

Teach children to take good care of their possessions and belongings. If they have good clean sweaters, jackets, or suits, it would not do any good by letting it all lie on the floor wrinkled and easily stepped on. Kids must learn to hang them tidily in their closets.

The respect they show to their belongings also reflects the respect they should have for themselves. Doing so helps them appreciate the value of seeing the floor of their room as well as create a cozy atmosphere for them to feel secure and comfortable in.

Children are intelligent. If they are properly briefed that every item have their corresponding homes, they will voluntarily put the stuff back in their appropriate spaces, cabinets, drawers, etc. However, this does not apply to kids that are still too young to understand the importance of picking up after themselves. Be patient. They will understand this soon enough.

Organizing is fun! Or at least make it fun. Cleaning does not have to be a boring or dreadful thing to do. One effective means to make kids have the initiative to clean up their mess is by rewarding them for a good clean up chore that they have done. If they are young and if they like ice cream, a trip to the local ice cream shop is a good reward. As they get a little bit older though, you could either stop doing this or continue. They could even learn to clean up their rooms without the rewards once they find how beneficial a spotless and dirt free room is rather than a dirty and ugly one.


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