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Podcasting is the latest and most popular Internet technological advancement today. It became the most sought out tool in transmitting audio contents via the Internet. In fact, many individuals start their broadcast media careers from podcasting. Podcasting is the process of receiving and transmitting audio content at a specific time and location.

In order to download a particular podcast, you may need podcatcher software. This program instantly transmits and downloads everything you receive from the podcasting source. You may find a list of podcatcher software available. Here are some recommended podcatchers.

1. Apple computer introduces the iTune podcatcher that features a media player, built in directory podcatcher, and a iPod updater. The operating systems available for this software are Windows Professional XP and MAC OS X.

2. Odeo podcatcher was created by Noah Glass. It comes with a Mac OS Widget, a deprecated built in directory and a podcatcher. It can be used on a Mac OS or 10.4 Window operating systems.

3. Another podcatcher is the Wizz RSS News Reader. Created by Wizz Computer Corporation that features a podcatcher that can read RSS downloads. Operating systems used on this software are Firefox Extension, Professional XP 2000, Mac OS X, and Mandrake 10.0 Window.

4. The Winamp podcatcher created by Nullsoft Corporation features a media player, a built in podcatcher that can update your mp3 downloads, and a music store. It can be uploaded in any kind of Windows operating system.

5. AmaroK podcatcher is also a product of Apple Computer that features a media player, an iPod updater and a built in directory. Operating systems needed is Linux KDE.

6. The Juice podcatcher created by the Juice Team Corporation features a software that has a built in directory podcatcher and a media player. Operating system needed to download files are Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X 10.3+.

7. Padlova podcatcher was introduced by Active8 Corporation and features a podcatcher that synchronizes with its web-based competition Padnova software. Operating systems for uploading files can be GNU/Linux, Windows, and Max OS 10.3+.

8. Nimiq podcatcher created by the Nimiq Team features a podcatcher especially made for Windows and a built in Bittorrent client upload. All windows program can run the software.

Podcatchers are new technological advancements created for the comfort of computer users. Users may have the luxury of choosing any kind of audio content to transmit. You may choose from the list of podcatchers to make your podcasting easy to grasp and understand.


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